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There are some companies that will write a book for you for a certain fee, and after that you can sell you book to whoever and at whatever price you want. One of these companies are

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What's the difference between traditional publishers and AuthorHouse?

Traditional publishing, authors sell their rights and give up creative control of their book to the publisher. At AuthorHouse, you keep control over your book and you keep all the rights. Unlike traditional publishers, AuthorHouse lets you to select your own royalty schedule. And you can print as few or as many books as you wish with print-on-demand technology.

What is print-on-demand publishing?

Print-on-demand (POD) publishing uses a cost-effective printing technology to print books one at a time, in response to a customer order. Use of this high quality and innovative digital printing technology eliminates the need for a large investment in inventory, distribution and warehousing.

What is the difference between AuthorHouse and vanity or subsidy presses?

Vanity and subsidy presses will charge you thousands of dollars to print a garage full of books they will not help you sell. AuthorHouse technology enables you to publish with low initial investment and print only as many books as you need, one at a time. Unlike vanity and subsidy presses, we also provide pre-publishing and marketing services to ensure your book's success.

Does AuthorHouse select only certain books to publish?

No, we publish all kinds of books. We don't specialize in any single style or genre and we don't reject any manuscript unless it contains offensive material. We're here to make it possible for all types of authors to have their voices heard.

Who will own the rights to my work?

You retain full ownership and copyright—so you can sell the same work elsewhere, any time and in any format. This allows you to pursue other business alternatives including optioning your book to film and TV production companies.

How long does the publication process take?

It's much faster than publishing with a traditional publisher which often takes as long as a year. If you follow AuthorHouse guidelines and submit in one of our preferred formats, your printed and bound book can usually be available for worldwide distribution within four months of the date we receive the manuscript.

What formats will be available for my book?

Your book can be published in any of our formats you choose—paperback, hardcover, and electronic (Adobe PDF). In addition, you can choose to publish a full-color book with up to 50 color images inside.

Do I need to know a lot about computers to publish with AuthorHouse?

Not at all. Just because AuthorHouse is a technology enabled company doesn't mean that our authors have to be computer experts to benefit from our services. We will take care of all the technical aspects, while you concentrate on doing what you do best—writing! Of course, if you do have computer questions, our support staff is on hand to provide any answer you may need.

Can I have an index in my book?

Yes, if your book contains an index, simply send us a list of words you wish to index, and we will auto-create the index for you (there is an additional fee for this service). They cannot enter indexes by hand.

How can I get my book edited?

You can choose to use our copy editing services, which are priced much lower than the industry standard. We do recommend having your book edited to avoid embarrassing errors and typos. Our copy editors will not edit your manuscript for content or style changes. You, as the author, have control over the exact content of your book.

How does AuthorHouse create a book?

Your book is turned into an electronic computer file that contains all the content—words, pictures, tables, and other elements, including formattng specifications. From this file, they can generate books in a wide range of formats: hardcover and paperback books, downloadable electronic books and eBooks. The entire process is based on new digital technology, which means every copy is actually an original, with no loss of quality, even after thousands of copies.

How should I submit my manuscript?

You may submit your manuscript to us as a hard copy, but we prefer submissions in electronic form (CD or disk). Submitting in electronic form gives you, the author, more direct control of appearance and content. It is also much less expensive for you than submitting paper copies.

How will my book's price be established?

Printing costs are the main determining factor for pricing printed books. The final price is ultimately determined by page count, size of book, and the book's format. While our wholesale prices can be raised at your request (as long as we have not already submitted your book to our printer), they cannot be lowered. Electronic books are typically priced lower than the printed version.

What royalty rate can I expect?

Your royalties can range from 5 to 15 percent on retail sales and between 10 and 50 percent on books sold on the AuthorHouse website. The royalty schedule you choose will affect the price of your book: the higher your royalties, the higher your book's price will be.

Can I make corrections to my manuscript once it goes into production?

Once we have received all of your materials, they will format your book and send you a galley proof to review. As soon as you return this to us, they'll make any necessary revisions and, if necessary, send you a second galley. This process will continue until you approve the work. Once you have approved the galley, the file will go into our printer's production schedule. At every stage in the process, our unique tracking system allows you to check on the progress of your book by simply visiting our website.

What will my book and cover look like?

The book will be in quality trade paperback and/or hardcover format (your choice), with a full-color, glossy and laminated cover. The interior pages will be printed on high quality paper, and interior images will be black and white, unless you choose our color printing option, which allows for up to 50 color images inside your book. AuthorHouse will design an attractive front cover at no additional cost to you. If you choose to have your own artist to design a front cover for you, it must meet our specifications.

Can AuthorHouse publish books that include pictures or graphics?

Yes, there will always be a strong market for books with visual support materials. AuthorHouse now offers a full-color publishing option, which includes up to 50 full-color images in your book.

How is the style and size of type determined for my book?

Since the printed and bound version of the book must meet exact specifications, AuthorHouse will determine the style and size of type most suitable. But, if you would like to request a particular font or style, please note your request in your Submission Agreement and we will try our hardest to accommodate your wishes.

How are AuthorHouse books distributed and sold?

AuthorHouse partners with Ingram, the leading book distributor in the country to distribute all of our books. With Ingram distributing your book, it is available to over 25,000 booksellers around the country. Your book will also be listed on,, and on the AuthorHouse web site.

When will I receive sales reports?

Every three months, and you'll receive payment of monies due to you at the same time.

Do I get a discount if I buy multiple copies of my book?

Buy as many as you want from AuthorHouse and pay only the price shown on the AuthorHouse website plus shipping and handling. When you order books in quantities of 25 or more, you pay the AuthorHouse website price less your royalty percentage. Order 100 or more and receive additional discounts.

Can booksellers return my book after purchasing it through Ingram?

If you choose the AuthorHouse bookseller's return program, bookseller returns will be possible for your book. Since booksellers are used to returning unsold books to traditional publishers, they are more likely to purchase your book if they can return it. If you choose the booksellers return program, your book can be returned with no reduction in your royalties.

What will my book retail for?

Because you choose your royalties, you have the power to decide how much you want your book to sell for. The price of your book depends on five variables. These include: the size of your book, the cover type you choose for your book, your book's final page count, where the book is purchased and, the royalty rate you choose.

How can I promote my book?

If you choose to use AuthorHouse promotional services, we start by writing a professional press release—your key to coverage in newspapers and broadcast media. You can choose whether we send the release to 100 or 500 media outlets, and then we'll provide you with a copy, so you can continue to promote the title to even more media outlets. We also offer several other promotional services to help you get the word out about your book.

Will AuthorHouse help me do book signings to promote my book?

Book signings are a terrific way to enhance your reputation and generate interest in your book. Bookstores, including the large chain stores, are usually eager to conduct signings for local authors. When you choose our Book Signing Kit, AuthorHouse will supply you with everything you need to have a successful signing, including posters, bookmarks and more. Make sure you have an adequate supply of books before you schedule a signing.

Should I advertise my book?

Advertising can be a very effective tool to increase sales of your book.





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